"Always left out when his mates get fish and chips and fried donuts, here was a couple who produce gluten-free products. (battered fish, hot dogs and excellent doughnuts) for the fast food industry..."
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"Innovate recently launched newly successful or problem solving products which have been put under the microscope by Fine Food with the introduction of the Best Product Awards 2010." GFTreets Battered Fish Product is a finalist in Best New Retail Product category in the Fine Food Awards NZ 2010...
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"Everyone deserves a treat... . The Williamsons have been in the food business for 24 years as cafe owners and food product manufacturers and after a year of trial and error, they have produced a line of gluten-free versions of takeaway items..." 
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Mothers Making Gluten-Free Their Business
"Who'd have thought that a fearful day in hospital with a very ill child would result in this?" says Jo. "I never thought we'd end up with a healthy normal teenager and a successful business. Just goes to show, doesn't it?..."
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