Sharing a meal with family and friends should be an inclusive, fun experience and not one filled with anxiety about whether there is anything you are going to be able to eat or whether you are going to get sick or not.

We regularly hear from Coeliacs about the dilemna's associated with being invited to stay for dinner, or going out with friends, and the fear this induces about not wanting to offend the host, but being acutely aware that as dear as they are to you they have limited knowledge of managing cross-contamination in their kitchen and probably have little that they can offer you. And everyone feels for the child at a friends party that isn't able to safely share in the food part of the festivities for the day.

We had this same experience when our son developed an auto-immune disorder and we adopted a gluten and dairy free diet as part of his "stay well" plan to manage the inflammation in his body thereby keeping his disease in remission. One of the things he missed the most was being able to have takeaways with his friends. I know alot of you reading this will be mum's of kids with allergies, and you'll know that there is nothing that puts the fire in your belly like wanting to make sure your child has the same opportunities as everyone else! It certainly helped that we had just bought a food business, but it didn't take long before we were doing lots of "playing" to come up with our gluten free donuts.  

We're proud to bring you our GFTreets Donuts